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Massage Treatments & Holistic Therapies


Our retreat centre provides our guests with holistic treatments from qualified and experienced therapists. Massage therapies are an important part of our centre and complements the daily yoga practice to help to energize body, mind and spirit, bringing flexibility and general well-being.


Massage treatments can be arranged at the centre and can be booked each morning for the day. Sessions are  1 hour but longer can be arranged if needed.


Craniosacral Therapy With Christie Nicholas (D.O., CS1, CS11, Reiki 1 and 2)


Over 20 years experience and expertise. Specialising in the treatment of babies and children.


Christie offers soft tissue massage and gentle manipulation of joints to encourage movement and ease discomfort and pain. This is combined with the gentle balancing of the body's systems to bring the body back into a more harmonious place.


Treatment for imbalnces such as sports injuries, back and neck injuries, migranes or general headaches, digestive disorders and injuries that have persisted for many years. Advice available on diet and herbs to aid recovery.




Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, the ancient art of healing touch, is probably more then 2500 years old and many of the stretches in the applied technique originate from yoga poses and is also called "yoga for lazy people".


Traditional Thai yoga massage is normally performed in full cloth without any oil on the floor. Either a mat or special massage futon is used, allowing the therapist to use not only hands but also elbows, knees and feet for an effective treatment.


Gentle or more deep stretches, muscle compression, acupressure on the main meridians and mobilization of joints are all techniques used to restore and maintain the balance of the body, releases muscular pain and tension.


Increase your vitality and flexibility and be fit for your next yoga session.